TVDM441-01 Fall 2019

Students in Thomas E. Franklin’s Multimedia News Production class in the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University teamed-up and created a series of multimedia stories that cover a broad array of newsworthy topics, produced during the Fall 2019 semester.

Lauren Beckles becklesl1@montclair.edu

Benjamin Berube berubeb1@montclair.edu

Heather Berzak berzakh1@montclair.edu

Sean Blair blairs2@montclair.edu

Ashley Cusicanqui cusicanquia1@montclair.edu

Jaydeen DeCambre decambrej1@montclair.edu

Gabriella Dragone dragoneg1@montclair.edu

Rebecca Eugene eugener1@montclair.edu

Lucia Gambuzza gambuzzal1@montclair.edu

Grace Giamo giamog1@montclair.edu

Adam Grassani grassania1@montclair.edu

Alex Greco grecoa9@montclair.edu

Carly Henriquez henriquezc4@montclair.edu

Evelyn Lavitola lavitolae1@montclair.edu

Cassidy Layton laytonc1@montclair.edu

Saed Mohammed mohammeds4@montclair.edu

Taylor Pietrangelo pietrangelt1@montclair.edu

Abigail Ricks ricksa1@montclair.edu

Madalyn Rupprecht rupprechtm1@montclair.edu

Alexander Valdes valdesa2@montclair.edu

Faculty Advisor:

Prof. Thomas E. Franklin franklinth@montclair.edu